Product Information

Poly Bag Options

There are a large number of alterations that can be made to a bag to ensure that it precisely matches your application. These changes can be done individually, or in combinations, depending on your needs. The list below contains many, but not all, of the custom options we have to offer you. And if you don't see the particular option you are looking for, please call our custom product experts at 800-622-4748, or email:

"C" Cut Handle - A carrying handle die-cut into the top of the bag that leaves a flap of material in place

Custom Printing - Adding words and/or graphics in one or more colors to the bag

Flap Lock - A lip folded back and sealed on the sides, allowing it to be flipped over to lock in the contents of the bag

Glue Strip - A line of adhesive added to the bag to make it self-sealing...can be permanent or resealable

Grommet - A hang hole reinforced with a metal ring to help keep the bag from tearing

Hang Hole - A hole is added to the bag, usually near the top, allowing it to hang on a hook or have a tie inserted

Header - A separate, sealed area at the top of the bag, often used to allow a sealed bag to have a hang hole

Lip - Making one side of the bag longer at the opening, allowing the bag to be closed by folding over the longer side...can be used with a glue strip

Perforation - A line of small holes placed on a bag to make it easier to tear off or open...can also be used to make a tamper-evident bag

Pocket - Adding another sheet of plastic to the bag, usually sealed on three sides, to provide additional, separate storage

Vent Hole - A small hole is added to the bag to allow air and moisture to pass through the bag

Write-on® Area - A white area imprinted on the bag allowing it to be written on

Zipper - A strong, recloseable seal that can be added to many different types of bags

Please don't hesitate to call our Customer Service Department at 800-622-4748 , or email: for further information.